Professional Learning for Teachers

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Investing in learning success

Teachers are a school’s greatest asset, and a learner’s greatest hope. Knowing that what teachers do, and how they do it, makes all the difference to student learning success, we have developed a series of research based Professional Learning experiences that empower educators to bring teaching innovation to life, as they engage learners with high impact classroom practice.


Measuring What You Value

With so much now expected of schools, this PL tackles the challenge of developing and measuring your impact on both learning and life attributes. This day brings together the dual priorities of modern education: literacy/numeracy outcomes and the development of 21st century learning dispositions, all fundamental if learners are to be prepared for a future that is largely unknown.


Inside the Dialogic Classroom

Students are not empty vessels to be filled. When teachers intentionally let students in on the secret of learning, the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘how did I go’, we position students as their own teacher. This PL experience guides participants in the development of a dialogic learning environment that challenges the imbalance of who is doing the talking in the classroom.


Overcoming the Gap Between Theory and Classroom Practice

The point of professional learning is exactly that: teacher learning. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Across the day we confront this challenge by engaging teachers with a select group of high-impact teaching practices that research has proven accelerate learning. With this knowledge as our base, we then engage with practical strategies that will implement each, as we learn what they can look like in the classroom.

Learning Insights

News, updates and perspectives relating to education from R-12.

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