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At PROGRESS Educational we take on the roles of educational guide, mentor, knowledge broker, facilitator, deliverer and connector. Through collaborative inquiry into your teaching and learning culture, and professionally respectful provocations, we seek to co-create the conditions necessary to stimulate educator innovation, renewal and growth.

Why choose PROGRESS Educational?

To be a teacher is a great privilege and responsibility. The very fact of being entrusted to play such a significant role in the education and life success of future generations is mind blowing. This is an enormous undertaking, and a key question comes instantly to mind; ‘What makes a great teacher?’

The challenge is, and always will be, how to make student learning success a reality given the complex nature of what we do. The answer; we follow the research, and the research is clear. Teachers, and the leaders that support them, are positioned to make the greatest difference to student success.

So, this is where PROGRESS Educational goes to work; engaging teachers and leaders with personalised, high-impact professional learning experiences that turns theory into practice. Through the strategic development of expert teachers, a new way of doing and being evolves that leads to learning success: PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time.

When delivered skillfully, professional learning has the potential to have a significant and lasting impact on teachers and student learning outcomes. For this reason, we focus on the strategic development of teachers as expert practitioners and evaluators, and the development of school conditions that support them. The result; teachers capable of achieving PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time.

To this end, we have brought together the latest thinking and educational research, along with years of personal experience in school and teacher development, creating a series of professional learning experiences that evidence tells us will propel the evolution of your learning organisation. […]

Professor Helen Timperley’s meta-analysis on effective teacher development (2008) highlights three foundations for school success:

With these foundations as our priorities, we are dedicated to co-developing the teacher and leader capabilities that define an evidence informed, high impact learning organisation. One that pursues sustained and improved learning outcomes with confidence.

Educational research (Timperley, 2008) identifies six challenges that put successful teacher development at risk. At PROGRESS Educational we have developed professional learning experiences for teachers and leaders that support your school to inquire deeply into each of these challenges, and to develop a strategic response informed by research, as you pursue sustained and improved student learning outcomes.


  • Engagement of students with new learning experiences based on professional learning innovations
  • What knowledge and skills do teachers need to enable students to bridge the gap between current understandings and valued outcomes?
  • What educational outcomes are valued for our students and how are they doing in relation to these outcomes?
  • What has been the impact of our professional learning innovations on our students?
  • Engagement of teachers in further learning to deepen professional knowledge and refine skills.
  • How can leaders support and promote the learning of our teachers to bridge the gap of our students?

Some of these challenges may resonate with your school’s current context. If so, we are very happy to discuss this further and work alongside you to develop a vision of what a collaborative partnership specific to your school could look like.

Educational research (Fullan, Hargreaves, Marzano) identifies three spheres for capacity development that we view as both opportunities and drivers of our consultancy:

  • pedagogical capacity development
  • cultural capacity development
  • systems capacity development

At PROGRESS Educational we are committed to developing each of these interdependent capacities by forging a long-term partnership that evolves as your school’s capacity grows; a partnership that acknowledges the changing needs of your community as your school moves from good to great.

This, like the guidance that we provide, is unique to your circumstances, but it is measurable. Identifiable success, and its measurement, is a vital aspect of any innovation, be it ‘a year’s growth for every child in a year’ (Hattie 2009), developing and implementing a comprehensive school improvement plan, or performing a somersault! Success can, and should, be defined and measured. The means by which we measure engagement and effectiveness will be based on where you’re starting out and what you aspire to become, so that progress can be identified, celebrated, learnt from, shared and built upon. The capacity to measure your effectiveness as you progress towards your goals is an integral part of any school development journey that we undertake.

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Under no obligation, our preference is to spend time with you prior to delivering professional learning for teachers, or tailored leadership guidance, so that the partnership we develop is unique to your school.

When pursuing PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time, we believe time spent planning is time well spent.

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