Tailored to your context

At PROGRESS Educational we offer two distinct models of Professional Learning; whole school engagement or teacher and leader teams, both providing high impact professional development for leaders and teacher.

Professional learning that once committed to, and nourished by supportive school conditions, encourages teaching innovation and sustained and improved student learning outcomes.

MODEL 1: Customised Whole School Professional Learning

In this option we negotiate a tailored package with you based on the needs of your school and staff. The foundation for your tailored package is based on one of the following depending on your school’s current improvement priorities and existing teaching and learning culture.

We believe effective strategic improvement, and the resulting teacher and systems development, demands that we first take a detailed snapshot of your school’s teaching and learning culture and efficacy. With this knowledge, and our joint commitment to a long-term learning partnership, we are positioned to guide and support educational innovation, and learning success across your school.

This package focuses on the development of high impact teaching pedagogy; teacher and leader data literacy; and the organisational infrastructure that underpins successful teacher development and student learning success:

[Timperley, H. (2008) Teacher professional learning and development, International Academy of Education]

The first stage of this model is the delivery of our Comprehensive Whole school Review and Innovation Recommendation Package which provides a comprehensive insight into your school’s current teaching and learning culture, its level of engagement and organisational infrastructure.

With a clear understanding of existing strengths and opportunities for innovation, together we formulate a Collaborative Development Plan which will feature your evidence-based high impact Teaching and Learning Platform, and the leader, teacher and school capacity building that underpins its successful development and implementation.

A collaboratively developed and clearly defined Teaching and Learning Platform that captures your instructional core, which we define as bulletproof due to the research that underpins it. This platform will guide your school’s evolution, values innovation, and, due to its collaborative development will underpin long-term commitment at all levels as you ‘hold the line’ on a small number of valued high impact teaching strategies.

As you will see from the Professional Learning modules we offer, they support the development of both leader and teacher capacity, as you deliver on your school’s current improvement priorities and embed your identified teaching and learning culture.

For both of these tailored professional learning options, it is our preference that we spend time together with you prior to formally engaging our services to ensure that the professional learning support PROGRESS Educational provides leads to improved student learning outcomes.

Once committed to moving forward, we encourage you to provide key school documents that capture your school culture including curriculum and pedagogy agreements, summative data sets and your school improvement plan. Having reviewed this information and begun to develop a sense of your context and impact on student learning outcomes, we will then provide you with a Scope of Work that documents our proposed engagement with your school in our shared pursuit of PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time.

MODEL 2: Open Professional Learning Experiences

Delivered during school holidays these professional learning experiences are recommended for leadership teams, teacher teams and motivated teachers who are looking to innovate and lead change in their schools. These are the teachers that we call innovation champions – the willing early adopters who are constantly looking to challenge themselves professionally, and, given the right school conditions, stimulate and support the development of colleagues.

Committed to supporting the complex process of transferring professional learning innovations to daily teaching we have developed the Enhanced Teacher Development strategy.

Having delivered a whole school professional learning experience, you may choose to engage us to facilitate a series of follow-up staff or teacher team meetings (commencing approximately a term after initial engagement) where we revisit the major professional learning innovations from the day.

These facilitated sessions are conversational in nature with teachers encouraged to share how they have begun to implement professional learning innovations in their classroom, the impacts of these on their teaching , and the challenges they continue to face as they develop their capacity. Key outcomes include:

  • Revisiting aspects from the professional learning experience that require clarification or expanded upon
  • Giving permission for the ongoing trialing of new teaching strategy innovation through the promotion of a fail forward mentality.
  • Gaining insight into valuable teaching strategies which have been trailed by colleagues that they may choose to trial themselves
  • Increasing dialogue among peers based on an increased awareness of the innovative practices being trailed across the school which may extend to teachers instigating and taking part in classroom observations
  • Relational trust being fostered as teachers are encouraged to reach out to trusted colleagues to give, and receive, guidance and support
  • Ensuring that the innovations to teaching practice presented in the Professional Learning are again acknowledged as a school priority

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Under no obligation, our preference is to spend time with you prior to delivering professional learning for teachers, or tailored leadership guidance, so that the partnership we develop is unique to your school.

When pursuing PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time, we believe time spent planning is time well spent.