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We are committed to supporting your school in the pursuit of education’s primary goal; sustained and improved student learning outcomes, which we define as PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time. We acknowledge that this is an incredibly aspirational goal, but why not reach for the stars? We believe every child and young person deserves it, as do you, no doubt.

To achieve this, to be all you can be, we seek to develop an enduring and customised partnership with your school. One that goes beyond the initial professional learning experience, and whilst an extremely important part of any improvement, we view as the beginning of the professional development journey. A guided journey that sees teachers, and leaders, undertake the complex process of transferring professional learning innovation into daily practice. Such significant school evolution does not happen overnight; it requires skillful facilitation, respectful provocation, commitment and intentionality on the part of teachers, teacher teams and leaders alike. It is hard earnt, but much coveted.

Introducing PEC’s Director: Travis Bartlett

With over 25 years of experience in primary and secondary education across three states, at school, regional and corporate levels, Travis has developed a deep understanding, and has extensive application experience, of the: What? How? and How did we go? that make up modern evidence-informed education as both a teacher and a leader.

His experience and development as a school leader has been broad, working in country and city schools, large and small, from both affluent communities and significant socio-economic disadvantage. With the cumulative breadth of these experiences he’s utilised elements from each of these contexts to lead a school in the Adelaide Hills on a journey that many described as ‘good to great’, where literacy and numeracy results were significantly improved and the school grew from 57 students to 130.

His systems-level leadership has focused on the development of leader and teacher capacity through specialist roles including: Performance, Analysis and Reporting Consultant (Western Adelaide) ; Behaviour Development Consultant (Northern Adelaide); and School Improvement advisor as a member of the Department for Education (SA) Review, Improvement and Accountability Directorate. Each of these opportunities has afforded him insight into effective teaching and leadership practices, and the whole school organisational infrastructure that supports sustained and improved learning outcomes.

Throughout Travis’ career he has successfully worked closely with peers, believing that we learn best and are at our most effective when we collaborate, reflect and are challenged by those we respect. The impact of this type of collaboration has been a contributing factor to his own school’s success but also that of his peers and affirms Hattie’s research (2009) that collective teacher (and leader) efficacy has the greatest impact on student learning outcomes. This is where innovation lies.

It is this type of relationship that Travis, and PROGRESS Educational, seeks to develop with your school, one that will ultimately make a difference for student learning outcomes.

“Travis is the best strategic improvement mind I have worked with. He has a clarity of vision in moving a project through its various stages. He has an incredible ability to pull apart the highly complex into smaller, manageable parts to be worked on, so large school improvement tasks do not overwhelm teachers or leaders.

He is a highly effective presenter and team member and articulates the complex in a way that others can see.”

Bill Hansberry
Director, Hansberry Educational Consulting

Have a question for Travis, or need more info? Let’s chat.

Under no obligation, our preference is to spend time with you prior to delivering professional learning for teachers, or tailored leadership guidance, so that the partnership we develop is unique to your school.

When pursuing PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time, we believe time spent planning is time well spent.