Developing empowered, self-aware teachers

PROGRESS Educational will guide your school in the ongoing development of teachers as self-aware, empowered and innovative deliverers of high impact evidence-based teaching practice. Teachers who skillfully, and constantly, analyse the impact of their practice on student learning, as they seek PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time.

Over time, we guide and facilitate the collaborative development of your school’s Teaching and Learning Platform that defines your instructional core (Elmore, R), along with the systems and processes that see teacher capacity and impact grow, and students thrive.

With this Teaching and Learning Platform as your educational foundation and driver of key instructional decisions, a teaching community emerges that is clear about the what and how of education, as well as how did we go? A platform that is grounded in research, and that will stand up to the scrutiny of any who inquire, making you a school that holds the line and doesn’t allow itself to be distracted by educational trends that come as fast as they go.

Your Teaching and Learning Platform, founded on both rigorous research, and school-based evidence, validates the school’s direction, and directs your improvement agenda, actions and resourcing. Our aim is to see you become what we call educationally bulletproof. We want you to be the school of choice: a school renowned for innovation and impact; and the ongoing success it has brought to all learners.

This is a significant undertaking, as you will see from the Organisational Infrastructure Framework that we have developed which captures the systems and structures necessary to support teacher innovation and effectiveness. We are experienced in the development and implementation of all aspects of this framework, and over time, will guide your school’s development as you establish the systems and structures necessary for teacher development that leads to sustained and improved student learning outcomes. This is a process not to be rushed if it is to be valued and implemented with efficacy by teachers.

We do not practice the delivery of ‘one off’ professional learning where it is likely to lead to little or no sustained and improved development in teaching practice. This is particularly common when the organisational infrastructure required to support ongoing engagement with professional learning innovations is not yet in place or is ineffective.

We have all experienced it, leader and teacher alike. Staff return from professional learning excited and motivated, but the realities of a busy school life soon overwhelm those good intentions and the potential for innovation is lost.

In response to this, one of our professional learning modules, Bullet-proofing your Systems, guides school leaders in the development and implementation of the organisational systems and structures necessary to support teachers as they negotiate the highs and lows of transitioning theory and teaching innovation into daily practice.


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Under no obligation, our preference is to spend time with you prior to delivering professional learning for teachers, or tailored leadership guidance, so that the partnership we develop is unique to your school.

When pursuing PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time, we believe time spent planning is time well spent.