Whole-School Review Models

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Towards continual improvement

The willingness, resolve and capacity to identify your impact on student learning outcomes, from an individual teacher level all the way through to whole school level, is a defining feature of a high functioning learning organisation. When this impact knowledge is used to inform improvement cycles that are developed and implemented with efficacy, students, teachers and schools flourish. Embedded in this culture, where we are all learners, is a determination to do better tomorrow, than we did today.


Comprehensive Teaching and Learning Review and Recommendation Package

We engage all major stakeholders across your school community to identify the nature, and impact, of your current teaching and learning culture, and the school systems that support it, on student learning outcomes. Together, we then use this evidence as a springboard for future innovation, teacher evolution and learning success.


Whole School Annual Self-Review Day

True learning organisations are always looking for an edge, that thing that you can do differently that leads to an outcome never before achieved. What is your edge next year? This day positions your teaching community to find out. By engaging in deep, genuine and professional, evidence-driven reflection of your year’s impact, the possibility for innovation and improvement next year become clear.

Learning Insights

News, updates and perspectives relating to education from R-12.

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