Professional Learning for Leaders

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Responsibility taken. Challenge met.

The opportunity to lead the learning of future generations is both a privilege, and great responsibility, as schools seek to prepare our young people for life in a world that is largely undefined. For anyone in the position, this is not a responsibility taken lightly. To meet this challenge, we have identified and developed systems, structures and protocols, that when aligned and implemented with efficacy, support leaders to maximise their impact on student learning outcomes through a relentless focus on high impact teacher development.


Customised Leadership Guidance and Mentoring

Every leader knows a school is only as successful as its teachers. Our partnership, committed to making good teachers great, will engage you with research informed processes, systems and professional learning experiences developed by PROGRESS Educational that are foundational to high impact teacher development, and sustained and improved student learning outcomes.


Bulletproofing Your Systems

We’ve all experienced it; you return from Professional Learning excited by what you’ve heard. However, soon after returning to school something happens; you are swamped, other agendas take over and innovation is lost. To ensure PL counts, and makes a difference for teachers and learners, we identify and investigate the organisational infrastructure necessary to enable high-impact teacher development.

Learning Insights

News, updates and perspectives relating to education from R-12.

Have a question for Travis, or need more info? Let’s chat.

Under no obligation, our preference is to spend time with you prior to delivering professional learning for teachers, or tailored leadership guidance, so that the partnership we develop is unique to your school.

When pursuing PROGRESS FOR ALL, All of the time, we believe time spent planning is time well spent.

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